My name is Hernán Calderón Velasco and I welcome you to my website. I have Latin American roots, I was born in Bolivia. Life took me to different countries around the world and I am now living in the UK. My purpose is to keep travelling to new locations around the world, capture beautiful photographs and teach this beautiful art called photography.

During my career as photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from great masters in Spain. In this country, I started a photographic project called 365 back in 2013. I continue learning from and sharing experiences with great American, European and Hispanic photographers.

I am passionate about photography of abandoned places and landscapes around the world, in pursue of my art I’ve visited several countries that taught me the other side of urban and everyday life, my experience taught me to understand the complexity of lighting, the various types of exposures, developing and post-processing techniques. Complementing the technique, I have to master my gear. Only by doing this, I am able to express and capture the way I see the world.

I am currently exploring new techniques that blend traditional and infrared photography. New colour palettes that allow me to express emotions and sensations like never before.

My career as photographer started 7 years ago. From that point in time I decided to look inside me and find out what defines me, and therefore, what I like to portray. I am heavily influenced by music, painting and film. Most of my creations are the result of those intentions to live and capture places in a unique and personal manner.

Countries Visited and photographed: USA / Iceland / Belgium / France / United Kingdom / Portugal / Spain / Netherlands / Chile / Peru / Bolivia